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Jul 24, 2023

Ola Electric: Everything We Know So Far

Four concept motorcycles have recently been revealed by this rather exciting new Indian brand A lot of media outlets have been trying to make sense of the alleged electric bike craze as electric

Four concept motorcycles have recently been revealed by this rather exciting new Indian brand

A lot of media outlets have been trying to make sense of the alleged electric bike craze as electric everything gains popularity across the globe, but this isn't some fleeting fad or short-lived fascination. The fact that e-motorcycles are being widely adopted by people of all ages indicates that a paradigm shift is in the making.

For starters, your usual cars are getting more and more costly than before. Then, the incomes haven't risen consistently with inflation. To add to that, cities are becoming tougher and tougher to navigate in cars and more and in turn easier for two-wheelers. Lastly, it is no secret that the younger generation has become more sensitive to climate change - the reasons just go on and on. But one thing is for sure, the shift to electric has become more rapid than ever, and from this shift has emerged a brand that has forced everyone to stop and take notice. Say hello to Ola Electric.

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India is a unique place - it has plenty of opportunities for new businesses and ideas. Still, it is equally cutthroat because of the competition that almost always seems to be on the up. Ola is a company that was born in this environment and even went on to be one of the foremost brands in the country as one of the leading cab operators. But why are we talking about Ola Cabs? Well, the same business expanded its horizons within a matter of a few years of its inception to venture into the realm of electric vehicles. Thus, Ola Electric was born in 2017 and since then, the brand hasn’t looked back.

To complement its vision, the brand built the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing factory in India. By the start of 2021, Ola Electric had launched its first all-electric two-wheeler in India: a scooter named the S1. Since then, the brand teased its plans to launch an electric car in the country by 2024. But the most significant event in the brand’s history is the recently revealed lineup of 4 all-new electric motorcycles. All these motorcycles target the 4 major motorcycle segments, and well, you should be excited. Here’s why.

Let's start with the most flamboyant bike in the complete concept bike collection of Ola, the Diamondhead. Unveiled as the brand's finest design of the lot, the Diamondhead gets its name from the diamond-shaped front end, which no doubt exudes an air of futuristic grandeur. The front has a horizontal LED strip that hides an LED headlight pod underneath, while the rest of the bike is covered in fairing from which the handlebars stick out.

This is designed as a supersport model, and it features low-set clip-ons, and an imposing riding position, with the saddle nearly level with the fuel tank (or is it a frunk?). Ola Electric confirmed that the foot pegs will have two positions: sport and comfort, which the rider can select according to preference. It comes with a monoshock and lateral front suspension - nope, no telescopic suspension. On the braking front, it has one rear disc and two front discs.

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This next concept is called the Roadster and is mostly intended for city roads. The bike is a beautiful example of a design that combines futuristic elements with minimalism. A tiny windshield and an LED strip headlight adorn its rather small front end. Much like the Diamondhead, the Roadster has panels all around with very little of its inside visible. It has a big split seat setup that reaches all the way to the tank area, which itself is surrounded by body extensions that house the turn signals.

There's no doubt, the sharp-looking front end of the Roadster is a result of the chiseled panels, and we quite like it. The bike comes equipped with USD front forks, a monoshock at the rear with a bolt-on rear sub frame, which is made of polished machined aluminum. The bike has foot pegs situated in the middle to provide a comfortable riding position. Seems interesting, doesn't it?

It seems apart from the Diamondhead, Ola Electric barely put in any effort to name the rest of the concepts. Anyway, as implied by the name, the Cruiser concept embodies the traditional low-slung style typical of cruiser motorcycles. It has a single seat that is meant for the rider only and broad sweeping panels all over it. It has a long rake and trail, forward-mounted foot pegs, and a rather low profile - all classic cruiser cues. Its streamlined lines run the entire length of the bike, ending in a hexagon-shaped front casing that houses LED lights. A prominent digital instrument panel is complemented by a tall single-piece handlebar.

The fuel tank on this one has a flowing hump that stretches to the single saddle and ends in a little tail section with an LED brake lamp. The back of the Cruiser features a single sided swingarm with a single disc brake setup and a monoshock, while the front uses a USD fork and dual disc brakes. The bike runs an 18-17 inch wheel setup and uses a chain drive for power delivery.

The last of the four concepts is the ADV named... Adventure. This without a doubt would cater to adventure seekers, and much like the rest of the concepts, this too combines aggressive, angular lines with the traditional adventure motorcycle design language. A large windshield sits atop a tall design that houses an LED module and an elevated LED DRL up front. In addition to big chunky mirrors and hand guards, the broad, flattened handlebar features a digital dashboard.

The adventure features crash protectors at the bottom and side panels that are designed to culminate as the front beak. An elevated single-piece seat and an uncluttered tail portion with a roomy storage rack and saddle stays on both sides are also on offer, which seems well-fitting for a bike that is intended for off-road use. With Pirelli Scorpion STR tires, the bike is equipped with wire-spoke wheels that come in 19 inches at the front and 17 inches at the back. On the braking front, there is only one disc brake at the front and back. We don't get one thing though. Who names their bike JUST ‘Adventure’?

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